Collection: Devotional Series

Looking for something more than a devotional? Learn proven methods of growing in Christian discipleship while practicing your faith.

Struggling to grow spiritually? Not sure what spiritual discipline to do next? Like following the seasons of the Christian year? With over twenty-two years in ministry, pastor Dr. Toby Lofton has helped thousands of people grow their faith through leadership, counseling, and coaching. Now he’s here to share practical methods that will help you celebrate faith in a whole new way.

The PrecisionFaith Devotional series provide step-by-step daily devotionals that teach you how a few minutes a day can help transform your Christian journey. Through simple, everyday language, these comprehensive resources walk you through disciplines of the faith anyone can do. By understanding basic principles of Christian beliefs, you’ll be able to walk closer with Jesus.

In the PrecisionFaith Devotional series, you’ll discover:

  • Spiritual disciplines that have been celebrated for centuries
  • Principles of the faith that will inspire your belief
  • Keys that will help you unlock growth in your faith
  • Ways to celebrate the Christian seasons all year
  • Simple daily devotional programs complete with Scripture readings, personal reflections, acts of faith, and much, much more!

PrecisionFaith Devotionals help you take a precise and intentional approach to following Jesus. If you like Christian discipline, scriptural reflection, and faith transformation, then you’ll enjoy Dr. Toby Lofton’s life-changing series.