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Faith Made Simple: A Christmas Journey into Belief (eBook)

Faith Made Simple: A Christmas Journey into Belief (eBook)

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About this premium eBook

Want Christmas to be meaningful to your faith? Learn a simple method to help you enrich your belief in Christ.

Struggling to grow spiritually? Don’t have 90 minutes a day for a workbook? Afraid the true meaning of Christmas is getting lost in the holiday rat race? With over twenty-two years in ministry, pastor Dr. Toby Lofton has helped thousands of people grow their faith through leadership, counseling, and coaching. Now he’s here to share a simple program that will help you celebrate the season of Christmas in a whole new way.

Faith Made Simple: A Christmas Journey into Belief is an easy-to-follow spiritual discipline that teaches you how a few minutes a day can help transform your Christian journey. Through simple, everyday language, this comprehensive resource walks you through daily practices that helps you appreciate the reason for the season. By understanding basic principles of Christian beliefs, you’ll be able to walk closer with Jesus.

In Faith Made Simple, you’ll discover:
  • Why Christmas Day is just the beginning
  • A simple truth that helps make sense of faith
  • Four basic principles that will increase your belief
  • Three keys to spiritual growth anyone can implement instantly
  • A simple 12-day devotional program complete with Scripture readings, personal reflections, and one-a-day acts of faith.

Faith Made Simple: A Christmas Journey into Belief is a devotional handbook. If you like Christian discipline, scriptural reflection, and faith transformation, then you’ll enjoy Dr. Toby Lofton’s life-changing book.

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