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Devotion Made Simple: An Easter Journey into Obedience (eBook)

Devotion Made Simple: An Easter Journey into Obedience (eBook)

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About this premium eBook

Want to increase your devotion? Discover how the season of Easter can lead to renewed commitment to Christ.

Struggling to draw closer to Jesus? Not sure you understand obedience? Tired of methods that aren’t working? As a retired Army chaplain, clinical pastor, and former adjunct professor of biblical studies, Dr. Toby Lofton brings over twenty years of experience guiding thousands through church leadership, individual counseling, and coaching. And now he’s here to share a fresh look to understanding how devotion can strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

Devotion Made Simple: An Easter Journey into Obedience is an accessible, relatable, and confidence-building guide expanding your awareness of the importance of dedicating yourself to Jesus. Using an easy-to-follow approach needing only a few minutes a day, Dr. Lofton’s practical teachings, effective exercises, and personal reflections mentor readers through understanding the devout life. If you’re looking for an opportunity to commit to God, you’ll soon find key steps to the path of obedience.

In Devotion Made Simple , you’ll discover:
  • The purpose of devotion
  • The key ingredient to discipleship
  • What a devotional should produce
  • Why you should practice a daily devotion
  • Daily devotions to build your faith, and much, much more!

Devotion Made Simple: An Easter Journey into Obedience is a perfect match if you’re longing to express loyalty to the risen Savior. If you like introspective guidance, engaging bible teaching, and scriptural readings, then you’ll love Dr. Toby Lofton’s comprehensive resource.

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