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Spirituality Made Simple: An Advent Journey into Spiritual Growth (eBook)

Spirituality Made Simple: An Advent Journey into Spiritual Growth (eBook)

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About this premium eBook

Frustrated at balancing a busy schedule and your faith? Discover new ways that even those with the fullest plate can grow spiritually.

 Struggling to squeeze Him into your itinerary? Time-poor but hungry to feed your soul? Trying to find a way to juggle the mundane with your devotion to God? As a retired Army chaplain, clinical pastor, and former adjunct professor of biblical studies, Dr. Toby Lofton brings over twenty years of experience guiding thousands through church leadership, individual counseling, and coaching. And now he’s here to share his profound revelations for rekindling your love and stepping toward a brighter future.

 Spirituality Made Simple: An Advent Journey into Spiritual Growth is an accessible, relatable, and confidence-building guide to blocking out the noise of the modern world and expanding your awareness of the divine. Using an easy-to-follow approach needing only 15 minutes a day, Dr. Lofton’s practical teachings, effective exercises, and personal reflections mentor readers through the complications of everyday life to a peaceful and focused communion. If you’re on a tight timetable but yearning to connect to the Almighty, you’ll soon be filled with startling clarity and renewed hope.

 In Spirituality Made Simple, you’ll discover:

- Four plain truths to aid in your faith pilgrimage

- Six basic tweaks anyone can implement to cement their bond to Christ

- Actionable steps to personal growth you can carry out immediately

- How to embrace Advent for spiritual growth

- Daily practices to transform your Christian path, and much, much more!

 Spirituality Made Simple: An Advent Journey into Spiritual Growth is a perfect match if you’re always racing the clock but longing to open yourself up to Heaven’s light. If you like introspective guidance, engaging bible teaching, and scriptural readings, then you’ll love Dr. Toby Lofton’s comprehensive resource.

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