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Praying for Your Pastor: A Church Member's Guide Every Pastor Should Read (eBook)

Praying for Your Pastor: A Church Member's Guide Every Pastor Should Read (eBook)

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About this Premium eBook

Unclear how to support your minister? Discover exciting ways to pull from the Apostle Paul’s teachings to uplift your spiritual leader.

Are you passionate about strengthening your church? Do you see your earthly shepherd stumbling and long to infuse them with the power of prayer? Are you eager to elevate your congregation by helping to strengthen their leadership? With the weight of over twenty-two years of experience behind him, retired Army chaplain Dr. Toby Lofton’s background as an adjunct professor, pastoral minister, and personal counselor has helped transform the lives of thousands into a more divine existence. Now he’s here to introduce the Apostle Paul’s inspired tuition and instill you with the courage to raise your voice in service to God and to fortify your clergy.

Praying for Your Pastor: A Church Member’s Guide Every Pastor Should Read is a vital and down-to-earth handbook to inspire you toward a deeper appreciation of ministerial duties and how to ask the Almighty for strength. Presented with empathy and unflinching conviction, Dr. Lofton draws on deep research to analyze Paul’s entreaties and integrate them into empowering worship leaders. By studying the proper devotional techniques for appealing to our Lord and appreciating the difficulties facing church heads, you’ll soon invigorate the souls of the entire assembly.

In Praying for Your Pastor, you’ll discover:

  • Seven prayers to bolster your spiritual mentor with His light
  • The surprising challenges confronting your minister you can help alleviate
  • Useful tools to help your preacher spread the gospel
  • Brilliant insight into the essential elements needed to make the ministry triumphant
  • Thorough analysis of Apostle Paul’s prayer requests, and much, much more!

Praying for Your Pastor is a complete roadmap to help laypeople ease their ordained leaders’ burdens through holy supplication, and the fourth book in the PrecisionFaith Prayer Series. If you like straightforward instruction, easily digested scripture, and heartfelt reverence for Christ, then you’ll love Dr. Toby Lofton’s groundbreaking guide.

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