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Jesus: 21 Days That Can Change the Way You Pray (Paperback)

Jesus: 21 Days That Can Change the Way You Pray (Paperback)

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About this Paperback Book

Looking to make your inquiries to the Almighty more effective? Learn to pray like the Son of God to connect more closely with His will.

Do your supplications feel weak and fruitless? Afraid you’re missing an essential element when you request assistance from on high? Struggling to aid others through your entreaties? With over twenty-two years in ministry, pastor Dr. Toby Lofton has helped thousands of people grow their faith through leadership, counseling, and coaching. Now he’s here to share the things Jesus asked of his Heavenly Father, so you can align your prayers with those of Christ.

Jesus: 21 Days That Can Change the Way You Pray is an easy-to-follow devotional that teaches you how to beseech God just as the Messiah did in the Bible. Through simple, everyday language, this comprehensive resource walks you through each of the Savior’s prayers in the New Testament. By understanding that modern-day Christians sometimes pray differently to the way Jesus did, you’ll be able to adjust your approach to better follow the Lord’s path.

In Jesus: 21 Days That Can Change the Way You Pray, you’ll discover:

  • The intentions of where, how, and why behind every biblical prayer given by Jesus to help you learn directly from the Savior
  • How to develop the habit of blessing others so you can be a loyal servant according to His will
  • Why you should rely on God to strengthen your work with other Christians and share eternal life with the world
  • Reasons why discipleship is vital to your walk with the Lord, and where you contribute to the great commission
  • The many ways that your actions potentially affect the people around you, and much, much more!

Jesus: 21 Days That Can Change the Way You Pray is the first installment in the PrecisionFaith Prayer Series to help you soar to the next level of living for Christ. If you like insightful analysis, scripture-based advice, and reflective dialogue, then you’ll adore Dr. Toby Lofton’s life-changing book.

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